Lesson 1: Account Setup

There is no charge to use these products up to their specified free usage limit. The free usage limit does not expire, but is subject to change.

GCP Free Trial:

  • Billing account that does not get charged

    • Must be manually upgraded to a paying account

    • Still requires a credit card for verification

  • $300 USD credit that can last 12 months

    • "When your trial ends, your account will be paused and you'll have the option to upgrade to a paid account."

  • Excellent for learning!

  • "Business accounts are not eligible for the free trial."

  • Has some restrictions

Free Trial Restrictions:

  • No more than 8 vCPUs (total simultaneous)

  • No GPUs (video cards chips)

  • No TPUs (custom chips for TensorFlow)

  • No Quota increases

  • No crypto-mining allowed

  • No SLAs

  • No premium OS licenses (e.g. Windows)

  • No Cloud Launcher products with extra usage fees

"Always Free":

  • Always free is a certain amount of different services that you can use without having to pay for it.

  • "Always Free usage does not count against your free trial credits."

  • Last beyond the end of the free trial

"Always Free" Compute Highlights:

  • Each day (24hr/day) you can run worth of an f1-micro instance in most US regions.

  • 28hr/day of App Engine runtime, in North America

  • 2M/month of Cloud Functions invocations (with certain runtime/size limits)

"Always Free" Storage Highlights:

  • Storage averaged over the month

  • 5 GB of Regional Cloud Storage, including some operations

  • 1 GB of Cloud Datastore storage, including some operations

  • 10 GB of BigQuery storage, with 1 TB/month of query processing

  • 30 GB HDD storage on GCE and AE

  • 5 GB snapshot storage on GCE and AE

  • 5 GB of StackDriver logs with 7-day retention

"Always Free" Networking Highlights:

  • Egress (data going out) to China and Australia not free!

  • 1 GB/month of App Engine data egress

  • 1 GB/month of Compute Engine data egress

  • 5 GB/month of egress by Cloud Function invocations

  • 10 GB/month of Cloud PubSub messages

"Always Free" Other Highlights:

  • 120 build-minutes/day of Google Cloud Container Builder

  • 60 minutes/month of Google Cloud Speech API recognition from audio/video

  • 1,000 units/month of Cloud Vision API calls

  • 5,000 units/month Google Cloud Natural Language API

  • Google Cloud Shell with 5 GB of persistent disk storage quota

  • 1 GB of Google Cloud Source Repositories private hosting

Billing Export

  • Export must be set up per billing account

  • Resources should be placed into appropriate projects

  • Resources should be tagged with labels

  • Billing export is not real-time

    • Delay in hours